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‘Yellowface’ Snapchat Filter Sparks Online Backlash

Snapchat is under fire yet again for what many users are calling a “yellowface” selfie lens.

On Monday, angry users took to Twitter to call out the app for their “overly-racist filter,” according to The Verge.

Dear @Snapchat , thanks for the overly-racist new filter…when can we expect Blackface?

— Brian (@bkisnah) August 9, 2016

.@Snapchat wanna tell me why u thought this yellowface was ok??

— grace (@tequilafunrise) August 9, 2016

The filter, which gives users closed, slanted eyes and enlarges their front teeth, appears to play on racist stereotypes of east-Asian facial features.

@Snapchat @snapchatsupport idk if u realize, but this filter is yellowface and u should take it down

— lia (@limb_light) August 9, 2016

But despite the backlash toward the filter, Snapchat claims their intentions were never to be disrespectful.

“This anime-inspired lens has already expired and won’t be put back into circulation,” Snapchat explained in a statement released Wednesday, the BBC reports. “Lenses are meant to be playful and never to offend.”

However, some users aren’t having it. One even tweeted out Snapchat’s official community standards, pointing out that the app tells their audience not to “make other people feel bad.”

Also, @Snapchat’s “yellowface” filter is more like Mickey Rooney’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” than anime.

— Ken Yeung (@thekenyeung) August 10, 2016

@Snapchat here’s a reminder of your community standards. “Don’t make other people feel bad.” #racistsnapchat

— Maggie Roque (@mhroque) August 9, 2016

Others compared the image messaging app to U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Love you @Snapchat but you’re acting like Trump. Clearly racist and with the maturity of a 3rd grader. Yellow face is never “playful”

— Reid Robinson (@HootReid) August 11, 2016


And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the popular app has been called out for racism.

Back in late April, the platform was in the hot seat after they released a Bob Marley filter on 4/20, which was not only deemed as blackface, but many also suggested Snapchat had “reduced [Marley’s] legacy to nothing more than a weed mascot for white hippies.”

The app has also been accused of “whitewashing,” through filters that lighten skin tone.

On snapchat, digital blackface & yellowface, and those filters that subtly reinforce white superiority

— Hunter Harris (@hunteryharris) August 11, 2016

Alright, Snapchat. Enough is enough.

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Lawsuit filed in the Court of Claims based on various constitutional claims
June 17, 2016
LANSING- The ballot question committee MILegalize filed a lawsuit today challenging a decision by the Board of State Canvassers (BOSC) to reject 354,000 signatures on the grounds that some of the signatures were “stale,” meaning older than 180 days. The cited defendants include Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, the Board of State Canvassers and the Director of the Bureau of Elections, Christopher Thomas.
The filing in the Court of Claims also asks the judge to strike down Public Act 142 of 2016, also known as Senate Bill 776, which was signed into law on May 25 by Governor Rick Snyder. 
The Complaint in the case asks for a writ of mandamus, declaratory and injunctive relief. “This action seeks a minimum of at least four immediate rulings and one outcome– to place the MILegalize proposal on the ballot of the next general election,” per the official filing.
On June 1 MILegalize leaders submitted to the Michigan Bureau of Elections over 354,000 signatures from Michigan residents, all secured in support of a petition drive to put the issue on the ballot in the November 2016 general election. More than 5% of all registered voters in the state signed the MILegalize petitions. 
Using the guidelines established by the Board, the Bureau recommended the petitions be rejected. The BOSC quickly voted to follow that recommendation, issuing a formal refusal on the grounds of stale signatures.
MILegalize attorneys, led by the organization’s Chair, Jeffrey Hank, contend that the law clearly states the period to collect signatures for standard petition drives is the time between gubernatorial elections, and the 180-day policy has only been a valid restriction for Constitutional Amendments. 
“This lawsuit is about more than cannabis. It is about the fundamental rights of all Michigan citizens to participate in our own government. We are fighting for the rights of all Michigan voters. The BOSC is enforcing a policy on initiatory petition drives that is improper,” said Hank. “Our argument is Obviously, the legislature thought so, too, because they passed a bill to change elections law to stop any petitioning group from ever using the same path we’ve taken.” Attorney Thomas Lavigne added, “MILegalize will be on the ballot. This is one of the most important petitioning rights cases ever filed, and we will vigorously defend Art I, Sec 1, that all political power resides with the People.”
The bill was signed by Governor Snyder earlier this year, and seals up the ‘loophole’ in elections law created by this dual standard of timing for petition signature validity. In their claim, MILegalize attorneys argue that the law itself is unconstitutional and is not valid to enforce a law made in 2016 on a ballot drive that began in 2015. 
Both the Brief and the Complaint are extensive and include additional constitutional claims that SB 776 was not properly enacted with immediate effect, and that if it were applied to MILegalize it would be an unlawful regulatory takings. MILegalize in that instance is seeking damages of up to $3 million dollars, plus attorney fees. A case which addresses some of the same issues has already been filed by the Citizens to Ban Fracking in MIchigan; that case is being heard by Hon. Stephen L. Borrello. 
Jeffrey Hank     855-426-5529
Authorized by MILegalize, PO Box 4427, East Lansing, MI 48826


Toronto Marijuana Shop Operators Call Charges ‘Ridiculous’

Some of those facing hefty fines for alleged zoning bylaw infractions could face jail time on drug trafficking charges. Marijuana dispensary owners, clerks and landlords got their first day in court Wednesday, with several calling it a waste of time and money as Canada moves toward full pot legalization. More than a dozen people appeared at Old City Hall on provincial charges of contravening Toronto’s zoning bylaw that states only federal licensed marijuana distributors, who…

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New tests on Colorado town’s water show no sign of marijuana

  • Officials cancel warning not to drink the water in Hugo
  • Previous tests found traces of THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient

A warning not to drink the water in a Colorado town has been canceled, after tests showed there was no longer any evidence of a marijuana chemical in the tap water, an initial finding which the mayor said “blew his mind”.

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NDP Demands Immediate Decriminalization of Marijuana

MP Murray Rankin says too many people are getting criminal records for something that will soon be legal. The federal New Democrats are putting forward a motion in Parliament today to pressure the Liberal government to decriminalize pot before it is l…


Calgary Begins Regulation of Medical Marijuana Counselling Businesses
A new addition to the land-use bylaw will see restrictions for Calgary’s marijuana counselling establishments. Calgary has now begun regulating marijuana counselling services, sparking debate over fears of what the pot-peddling establishments could become. Medical marijuana counselling services are now required to apply for a building permit and ensure they’re not within 300 meters of one another, while also not being within 150 metres of a school. These measures were introduced in hopes of getting…

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“Cruel and Unjust”: The war on Drugs Snares Immigrant for Pot, Breaking a Virginia Family in Two

Garfield Kenault Lawrence has been deported and separated from his family because of minor pot convictions. In September 2011, Melissa Lawrence was seven-and-a-half months pregnant and working as a waitress when she got the call. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had detained her partner, Garfield Kenault Lawrence. That he had arrived at age 11 and was a lawful permanent resident didn’t matter because Kenault had been convicted of small-time marijuana offenses. In January 2013, he was…

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