Home Growing Being Debated in Washington

Washington made cannabis legal, but the rules are still being debated.  Home growing is an important decision.


State Senate legislation is pending, Senate Bill 5519, to allow Individuals age 21 or older to grow up to six plants in their home for non-commercial purposes and to share up to 1 ounce with another person. Under this act, it will remain prohibited to sell homegrown marijuana for profit. State-qualified patients retain the right to grow up to 15 plants or to designate a provider to grow on their behalf.

Senate Bill 5519 differs from separate, proposed legislation that seeks to amend the state’s medical and social marijuana laws but fails to provide for adults ability to grow cannabis at home. Out of the jurisdictions that regulate the possession and use of marijuana by adults (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, DC), only Washington prohibits adults from cultivating cannabis for personal use.

Senate Bill 5519 has been referred to Ways & Means and is currently awaiting a hearing before it can move into the House of Representatives.

Original post is HERE, where, also, our friends in Washington can find a way to contact their legislators. Your elected officials need help with this one. Send that missive and add what you know to what they have yet to understand.

Here’s another story out of Washington — there’s too much cannabis in the state. I did not think that was possible.

After battling a severe shortage of cannabis when retail sales launched in July, the state’s rec marijuana industry is now faced with a vast oversupply of growers and product. As a result, recreational marijuana prices have plunged 40% from last summer until now, just two months after the first major harvest took place.

This has had a ripple effect across the state’s industry, giving rec shops more product to choose from for less, but also endangering scores of businesses. Some could be forced to downsize significantly or even fold up shop completely. One store owner fears a massive wave of closures, saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see a 90% failure rate for the 370 licensed producers and processors in Washington.

“The script has been flipped from demand outpacing the supply to growers in the past few months having over-produced 10 times what’s being sold in retail stores,” said Ramsey Hamide, owner of the Main Street Marijuana rec shop in Vancouver, Washington.

Lot’s more to this story at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

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